Mark Sedon: klimmen in Nieuw Zeeland en op Antartica

Mark Sedon: klimmen in Nieuw Zeeland en op Antartica

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NKBV-cafe Amsterdam, in samenwerking met ASAC

Mark Sedon, gerenommeerde klimmer en ski-guide komt naar Sciencepark Amsterdam, op 10 maart a.s.

Thema: Ski Touring with Penguins, Snow Leopards and Kiwis by Mark Sedon

Locatie: Sciencepark Amsterdam, De Oerknal

Inloop: Eetcafe De Oerknal, vanaf 19.00 uur

Start lezing: 19.45 uur, collegezaal C0.110


Come and see a slide show from one of New Zealand’s most prolific guides and ski tourer. From ski touring in his backyard of NZ’s Southern Alps, to many winters skiing in remote Kashmir in Northern India, then on to ski touring with penguins in Antarctica…. The second half of the talk will be about his recent 55 day, 2,000km kite ski and climbing expedition to the Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica to climb a mountain called The Spectre.

Mark lives near Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand. In his spare time you will find him climbing the hills to paraglide home, kitesurfing, on his bike or taking photos, filming or writing.